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Valuable people of science world,
International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research is an international, academic journal which is an interdisciplinary social sciences platform where everybody associated with writing and notion can say a word. The first volume published is the first step of this work. I owe especially administration team and foreign representatives of our journal who have a great effort in the foundation process of our journal and our valuable academicians in editorial board a debt of gratitude. Furthermore I thank to our worthy writers supporting us with their articles in our first volume and our academicians spending their time for these articles’ referee process. In this passage for which we set off with the purpose of giving at least a tiny contribution to academic world, to see valuable people of science world near us as author and referee and to lead us for reaching perfection with your reviews and advice will make us more powerful. In this sense we as International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research will be thankful and commend for your any kind of support.