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Book Review - 'Tunku Abdul Aziz: Someone Had To Say It...'


Tunku Abdul Aziz is best known for his robust advocacy against corruption not only in Malaysia, but also globally. He was for some years a vice-chairman of the Board of Transparency International. In Malaysia he led a group of like-minded individuals to set up Transparency International Malaysia at a most difficult time-when Dr. Mahathir, well known for his ambivalence towards corruption in public life, was Prime Minister. Tunku Aziz believes that where ethical standards are in place, corrupt behaviour can be checked. As a measure of his standing in the international anti-corruption community, he was appointed in 2006 as Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General, and in that capacity established the United Nations Ethics office in New York, putting in train the whistle blower protection programme and the declaration of interests (assets) programme involving some two thousand top officials around the world as a first step.

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