International Journal of Social Science & Economic Research
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Ruth Atuhaire, Will Kaberuka, Alex Mugarura

This study set out to establish factors that determine caesarean birth in Uganda using data from Mulago hospital. Secondary data was collected from Mulago hospital medical records department for the period 2013/2014. Ordinary least squares regression method was used for analysis. The results showed a significant relationship between maternal age, birth weight and caesarean birth rate. The study recommends that C-section should not been looked at as a pre-condition for child birth rather it should be looked at as a solution. C-section can prevent still births caused by the mother's fatigue, complications or failure to push the baby, and C-section should only increase with improvements in technology to avoid hemorrhage. However in order to minimize or curb the incidence of C-section among pregnant mothers due to the associated complications like breathing problems , hemorrhage and long stays in the hospital, mothers should be informed that vaginal birth is a better choice by health professionals. Women should be sensitized on the advantages of producing early than wait when they are too old. Seeking antenatal care helps to monitor the baby's weight and find solutions early. Women should do exercises such as pelvic floor exercise which can help them maintain their pelvic tightness which will help during vaginal births.

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