International Journal of Social Science & Economic Research
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1Sinemis Zengin, 2Serhat Yuksel

The aim of this paper is to understand the influencing factors of credit card selection of Turkish people. Within this scope, we made a survey with 257 people via internet. This survey includes questions which are related to the important points in credit card application process, significant issues in the selection of credit card and the factors for the customers to continue using the same credit card. According to the results of the survey analysis, it was determined that there are some differences in selection of credit cards with respect to the gender. Within this context, it can be said that females give more importance to the priority at the branches for main banking operations, discounts offered by the banks and credit card offers, such as bonus or installment while selecting a credit card. Additionally, it was also defined that there is a negative relationship between education level and benefits on main banking operations. Similar to this situation, it was also learnt that people who have middle level education give more importance to the offers of the credit cards, such as bonus or installment. As a result of this analysis, it can be understood that influencing factors to select credit cards differ according to the age, gender, economic and educational factors of the customers. In other words, it is impossible to apply only one campaign related to the credit cards in order for banks to be successful. Therefore, it was recommended that banks should focus on different factors of the people so as to increase their comparative advantage in credit card market.

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