International Journal of Social Science & Economic Research
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Sajjad Hossine Sharif, Afroza Akter Opola

Volume - 2 Issue - 2, Pages - 2450-2462

This study is conducted with an intention to explore the socioeconomic status of Rangpur. To investigate, this study considers various important determinants of socioeconomic status such as gender, religion, occupation, income, education, wealth class, child marriage rate and health. The study finds that the socioeconomic status of the rural area of Rangpur is far more lagging behind than the urban area. By the conduction of the survey it is closely observed that the socioeconomic factors are so close to one another that hindrance in one factors pulling behind the others factors which may consequence a serious undeveloped socioeconomic condition. It is evident that, in term of women empowerment, literacy rate, heath consciousness, and employment these rural areas are facing serious dilemma. Based on the survey the socioeconomic status of Rangpur is not satisfactory as the majority of the population live in the village so that without promoting these rural areas the overall condition will not be able to meet the desired better condition. As a result, based on the findings of this study it is urged to take essential steps in order to improve the rural socioeconomic factors, hence promoting the overall socioeconomic condition.

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[Sharif, Sajjad Hossine, and Afroza Akter Opola. "THE SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS OF RANGPUR DISTRICT." International Journal of Social Science & Economic Research 2.2 (2017): 2450-462.]

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