International Journal of Social Science & Economic Research
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Lucky Izobo ENAKIRERHI and Sunny O. TEMILE

Volume - 2 Issue - 5, Pages - 3490-3497

This study explores the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS) in Nigeria by looking critically at the challenges of implementation of IPPIS, benefits to be derived when IPPIS is fully implemented and what the future holds. The IPPIS, a reform system, aimed at positioning the public service for efficiencies and improved productivity, started in 2007 with seven (7) pilot Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA) and has since been expanded to cover more MDAs. The IPPIS in Nigeria is very peculiar due to the peculiarity of the country. Because the paper is a theoretical paper, it did not attempt to do any empirical analysis but reaches its conclusion by articulating various federal government announcements, pronouncements, opinions of stakeholders, presentations to international bodies and various articles on the pages of news papers and few published works. The study outlined that accurate and reliable personnel information, reduction or elimination of corrupt and sharp practices, facilitation of modern scientific and accurate budgeting and forecasting are the major benefits of IPPIS. These benefits are, however, threatened by skills transfer problem, poor supporting infrastructure, technological barriers for infer MDAs transfer, resistance from stakeholders and lack of will for accelerated implementation. Thus, accelerated and unbiased implementation that will enables smooth transfer of the IPPIS technology knowledge and skills from consultants to government personnel for effective management, future integration and synchronizing of IPPIS with other identity management system are keys to harnessing the benefits of the project. We concluded that the future looks bright with IPPIS implementation set to serve as platform for budgeting projection and planning, acts as database for national statistics and enable reduction in governance cost.

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[ENAKIRERHI, Lucky Izobo, and Sunny O. TEMILE. "IPPIS IN NIGERIA: CHALLENGES, BENEFITS AND PROSPECTS." International Journal of Social Science & Economic Research 2.5 (2017): 3490-497.]

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