International Journal of Social Science & Economic Research
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N. H. K. Cooray , D. M. J. Wickramasinghe , T. D. S. H Dissanayake

Volume - 2 Issue - 7, Pages - 3916-3948

The objective of the study is to identify the critical success factors effecting on customer relationship management in the organization the study has focusing on the fast food restaurants in Sri Lanka. This has been identified as the growing business industry with the increasing competition and the increasing profitability. Based on the primary and secondary data analysis it has been identified Customer orientation, Knowledge Management, Technology based CRM, CRM organization as the critical success factors on customer relationship management solution in the organization. With the verification of the develop conceptual model the model summary of the study state as R Square of .797 means that the used conceptual model is highly appropriate for the study in describing the dependent variable. Accordingly it has been identified that the all the identified factors are highly significant in the Sri Lankan context. In this all the developed hypotheses has been accepted. Researcher has identified the study limitations with usage of the convince sampling and questionnaire in the study in primary data collection of the study. Therefore the study generalized the findings of the study with the identified limitations due to the time and cost constrains faced by the researcher.

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[Cooray, N.H.K., D.M.J. Wickramasinghe, and T.D.S. H Dissanayake. "COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE THROUGH CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT." International Journal of Social Science & Economic Research 2.7 (2017): 3916-948]

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