International Journal of Social Science & Economic Research
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Ada Prisco

Volume - 2 Issue - 11, Pages - 5167-5181

The fundamental question of my research is: can be the migration experience a direct cause of generation of a new spiritual life? The starting point is a questionnaire aimed to about ten immigrant women from different religious origins. Thinking about their testimonies of faith, this survey focuses on migrant as spirituality generator boost and on the opportunity to give life to a new human landscape with many cultural bridges and flexible to the trip as a category. The inner processes and the symbolic representation of reality are much slower and much less obvious. The illusion of those who think that the world could always be equal to itself is often dictated by fear that prefers a static and predictable reading of the real. A similar consideration can be convenient, until the impact with something or with someone does not force us to think differently. The migrant presence, or, even better, a community of immigrants, changing the social fabric, suggests a new human environment, leading to undermine inveterate beliefs. Fixed, rigid and static conceptions should be replaced by a flexible and dynamic one, where knowledge of the faith of others finally appears appropriate, recommended and required. On the ground of consciousness we play the most difficult challenge, launched by the new citizens. Receptors apparently passive, immigrant members of the civil community tacitly propose a over the relationship and sharing, accessible only through empathy.

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[Prisco, Ada. "MIGRATION AND SPIRITUAL REGENERATION." International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research, vol. 2, no. 11, 2017, pp. 5167-5181. November.]

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