International Journal of Social Science & Economic Research
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Sonia Goyal

Volume - 2 Issue - 12, Pages - 5623-5626

The future of our nation and the important segment of our society is a Child. Great gift of god. A child learns from her home, school and most important from the society and thus every individual influence her life that a kid interacts. Education is where a child gets formed from. We all know that children are most photographed and least listened member of our society. In India child labour is quite very abnormal and high. The reason behind child labour is poverty, lack of facility, illiteracy, terrorism and natural disasters. The roots of child labour are from ancient India in the form of the child slaves. Children used to employ in various places like hotels, shops and houses. Child labour harms the present and future of both the nation and the child herself. No doubt child labour generates a source of income to the family but deprives the child from an opportunity for education, recreations having fun, stunts her physical growth. A child work has both potentials- benefit and harm. We should try to eliminate the harm and to protect the benefit. The attempt of this paper is to find out some issues like child labour, children's right and various acts relating to this.

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[Goyal, Sonia. "CHILD LABOUR IN INDIA." International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research, vol. 2, no. 12, 2017, pp. 5623-5626. December.]

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