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Dr. G. N. Nimbarte

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Dr. G. N. Nimbarte
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Humanities and SS, VNIT, Nagpur

Nimbarte, Dr. G. N. "HIGH CRIME RATE OF WOMEN IN CURRENT SCENARIO." Int. j. of Social Science and Economic Research, vol. 3, no. 10, Oct. 2018, pp. 5426-5432, Accessed Oct. 2018.
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Due to increase in the crimes against girls, question of women security has been raised. We can't ignore the fact that the thought of harassment comes in mind due to mankind of men and this is very bad interpretation or imagination. The man who commit crimes against women, in real they cover the things like aggressiveness, male dominance and subordination under the name of culture and tradition to keep their dominance alive and use their power to rule over women. To enhance the knowledge and explain the ambiguous knowledge and to verity the existing knowledge are motives of these human efforts. Because of this human's curiosity new inventions happens. Need is the mother of all research.
This is the age of men-women equality. The changing form of society has made people to take part in the flow of modernization where women are also becoming aware of their rights. Today in every field women are giving their tough competition to men. In the same way in Indian constitution women are not less as compared to men even though Indian women who are surrounded by evils such as dowry, child marriage, kidnapping, rape, sexual harassment, molestation, domestic violence, female infanticide etc occur in Indian society. Indian society being patriarchal, men have always had an upper hand over women. In order to continue male dominance women are treated with injustice in the name of tradition.
Overall discussion has been carried out about crime related issues of women in current scenario.