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Mokua Zacharia Ondieki, Sr. Dr. Mutisya. Sabina, Dr. Ntabo. A. Jared

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1Mokua Zacharia Ondieki, 1Sr. Dr. Mutisya. Sabina, 2Dr. Ntabo. A. Jared
1. Department of Psychology, Catholic University of Eastern Africa.
2. Department of Research and Evaluation, Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

Ondieki, Mokua Zacharia, et al. "TEACHER-COUNSELLORS' SELF-APPRAISAL OF THEIR GRIEF COUNSELLING COMPETENCE IN PUBLIC SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN KISII COUNTY, KENYA." Int. j. of Social Science and Economic Research, vol. 4, no. 8, Aug. 2019, pp. 5523-5537, Accessed Aug. 2019.
Ondieki, M., Sabina, S., & Jared, D. (2019, August). TEACHER-COUNSELLORS' SELF-APPRAISAL OF THEIR GRIEF COUNSELLING COMPETENCE IN PUBLIC SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN KISII COUNTY, KENYA. Int. j. of Social Science and Economic Research, 4(8), 5523-5537. Retrieved from
Ondieki, Mokua Zacharia, Sr. Dr. Mutisya. Sabina, and Dr. Ntabo. A. Jared. "TEACHER-COUNSELLORS' SELF-APPRAISAL OF THEIR GRIEF COUNSELLING COMPETENCE IN PUBLIC SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN KISII COUNTY, KENYA." Int. j. of Social Science and Economic Research 4, no. 8 (August 2019), 5523-5537. Accessed August, 2019.

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The study was carried out to explore teacher-counsellors' self-appraisal of their grief counselling competence in public secondary schools in Kisii County, Kenya. It was anchored on Bowlby's theory of attachment and loss and utilized a convergent parallel mixed methods design that combined both a cross-sectional survey and phenomenological research designs. A sample of 181 teacher-counsellors obtained through simple random sampling was involved. Data was collected through a questionnaire and interview guide. A pilot study was done to determine the reliability and validity of the research instruments. Data analysis was done using univariate and thematic analysis backed up by narratives. When the respondents who had much and enough competence were combined, this study established that they had high competence in listening (92.9%), establishing a rapport (86.8%), sharing personal experience with grief (78.4), recognizing denial (57.4%), identifying an internally suffering (56.9%) and recommending helpful articles and books (52.5%), The respondents appraised their competence as below average in assessing healing (47.5%), facilitating individual, group and family grief counselling (46.4%), identifying cultural differences that affect treatment of grief (46.4%), counselling students on death, grief, and loss (44.7%), providing debriefing services (41.4%) providing grief psycho-education (37.8%). Based on these findings, the recommend that teacher-counsellors undergo grief counselling training through seminars, workshops or training institutions or online in order to enhance competence