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Truong Thi Xuan Thanh and Nguyen Quoc Nghi

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Truong Thi Xuan Thanh and Nguyen Quoc Nghi
College of Economics, Can Tho University

Thanh, Truong Thi Xuan, and Nguyen Quoc Nghi. "FACTORS AFFECTING THE LINKAGE RISK IN PRODUCING AND CONSUMING RICE BETWEEN FARMERS AND ENTERPRISES IN THE LARGE FIELD MODEL AT CAN THO CITY." Int. j. of Social Science and Economic Research, vol. 4, no. 10, Oct. 2019, pp. 6434-6448, Accessed Oct. 2019.
Thanh, T., & Nghi, N. (2019, October). FACTORS AFFECTING THE LINKAGE RISK IN PRODUCING AND CONSUMING RICE BETWEEN FARMERS AND ENTERPRISES IN THE LARGE FIELD MODEL AT CAN THO CITY. Int. j. of Social Science and Economic Research, 4(10), 6434-6448. Retrieved from
Thanh, Truong Thi Xuan, and Nguyen Quoc Nghi. "FACTORS AFFECTING THE LINKAGE RISK IN PRODUCING AND CONSUMING RICE BETWEEN FARMERS AND ENTERPRISES IN THE LARGE FIELD MODEL AT CAN THO CITY." Int. j. of Social Science and Economic Research 4, no. 10 (October 2019), 6434-6448. Accessed October, 2019.


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The rice production-consumption linkage contract is becoming a major factor in promoting the development of agriculture in Can Tho City. The study used quota sampling to interview 215 farmers who participated in the large field model in Can Tho City. The Poisson regression analysis method is applied; the research results showed that six factors affect the linkage in producing and consuming rice between farmers and enterprises. The impact level of factors follows the order as Price difference; Penalty application; Technical support; Terms of Payment; Number of years participating in the linkage, and Input support.