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Madhav Piplani

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Madhav Piplani
The British School, New Delhi

Piplani, Madhav. "A BRIEF HISTORY OF ENERGY." Int. j. of Social Science and Economic Research, vol. 4, no. 11, Nov. 2019, pp. 7071-7079, Accessed Nov. 2019.
Piplani, M. (2019, November). A BRIEF HISTORY OF ENERGY. Int. j. of Social Science and Economic Research, 4(11), 7071-7079. Retrieved from
Piplani, Madhav. "A BRIEF HISTORY OF ENERGY." Int. j. of Social Science and Economic Research 4, no. 11 (November 2019), 7071-7079. Accessed November, 2019.

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The following paper has delved into the history of energy in terms of the earliest forms of energy and their role in society, and how these have changed overtime. Beginning from the earliest recorded uses of energy around 200,000 years ago, tracing the evolution of the usage of energy in human societies from the discovery of fire, domestication of animals, harnessing of heat, water flow, hydrocarbons and other newer primary energy sources. This paper has also discussed the scientific aspect behind them to explain how they were used and what purpose they served. Each form of energy involves its own explanation pertaining to physics and a certain individual with an idea. Ranging from well-renowned scientists to Greek inventors, people of a variety of backgrounds have made contributions to this progressive journey. Each forward step made in the changes that took place in the uses of energy often involved a problem or an inefficiency with the previous method, which have also been evaluated and discussed.
The uses and importance of energy have drastically changed overtime, and in a world like today's, society would collapse without it. The paper has also briefly discussed how the leap to thermal energy was the driving force for rapid advancements, and is also now the greatest threat to the planet from global warming; and made recommendations on possible policy actions.